On February 25th, the CDC released a new tool “Covid 19 Community Levels”. According to this new tool, the tool is “to help communities decide what prevention steps to take based on the latest data. Levels can be low, medium, or high and are determined by looking at hospital beds being used, hospita...
We still have some marketing opportunities available for you to help you push your business or product at the largest Anime event in Arizona. Don’t miss your chance to get in front of over 25,000 attendees to help grow your business! If you are interested in the offerings that we have please email s...
The design work of Susan Lake has been widely acclaimed throughout the United States as well as Internationally. Her work has been featured in Haute Doll Magazine, IDEX, and all major doll conventions throughout the United States. She began her work as a head wear and assessory designer for people, ...
Eurobeat Kasumi has been attending conventions for over 30 years. In the early 90's during cons he would mostly watch anime, attend panels, and buy merchandise from the Dealers' Room. As conventions continued to expand and attendance rose, cosplayers started appearing slowly but steadily into the sc...
We were notified this morning that we have sold out of all double rooms at the Sheraton. We are in the process of opening up an overflow hotel and should have the link up by end of day today.
Corina Boettger is a Non-binary professional actor for over 20 years, starting as a child in theater and now working in the voice over world.
Dave Fennoy is one of the most in demand voice actors in Los Angeles. He is known for his versatility, providing voices for commercials, narrations, TV promos, award shows, animation, and video games. 
Urban Weeb was an idea founded in the most unlikely of places, at a kids playground between two lovebirds named Joshua Scott and Deanna Stutesman. Both grew up in vastly different states but still ended up loving the same thing. What's that thing, you ask? Anime!
Paige of Illuminaughty Cosplay is an award-winning cosplayer, twitch streamer, and artist based out of Phoenix, Arizona. After attending her first convention, Saboten Con 2015, she taught herself how to sew and never looked back. 
Beth Hodgson (aka Kaolinite Dreams) is the author of the epic cyberpunk fantasy book series The Spectrum of Magic. Currently, she is writing the third installment in the series. She also does freelance beta reading, produces timelapse sketch videos, and cosplays to keep herself inspired. When not be...
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