For anyone who needs to use an ATM machine this weekend, we have two available at the convention. The first one is on the first floor by the hotel registration desks and the second one is on the second floor by the stairwell on the 3rd street side of the hotel. Please alert the hotel or our staff ...
Saboten Con 2022 Baggage Policy
For all those who bought a badge online, you can pick up your badges early starting at 4:00 PM on Thursday (9/1) at our registration desk on the 1st floor. Get your badges early and skip the long lines all weekend long!
Saboten Con is almost here and with all the excitement we wanted to make sure you know all the ways you can get information about all the events and panels that are running during the event.
On August 11, 2021, the CDC has streamlined Covid-19 guidance to help the public better protect themselves and understand their risk. This release has more to do with individuals and how to protect themselves than with how businesses ...
Parking Options for Saboten Con 2022
Meet Our Masquerade Judges and MC!
Armand Villavert has been a professional comic book illustrator for almost 20 years. Working on projects with Tokyopop in the early 2000's to image comics. He is currently working on a few independent comics and personal passion projects. He resides in Tempe and haunts the streets of Mill ave.
Please see the menu below for the Concession Sales at the Sheraton Phoenix Downtown over the weekend.
Filling the air waves with their podcasts for over 6 years, ConAir Radio loves bringing you the latest in our communities like Cosplay, Gaming, Movies, Acting, and Writing. They also strive to work with events and conventions to bring them attention in their communities! 
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Saboten Con 2022
9/2 - 9/5, 2022
Sheraton Phoenix Downtown
340 North 3rd Street
Phoenix AZ 85004