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Everything you ever wanted to know about Voice Acting - with Sandy Fox and Lex Lang
09/03/2022 4:00 PM - 5:00 PM
Laveen A/B (Guest Panels)
Lex Lang,Sandy Fox

This Voice Actor's Panel and Workshop details everything you ever wanted to know about voice acting. It was developed for people who have always wanted to be a voice actor, but did not know how it works in the studio, or how to break into the business. The class is taught by our special guests Lex Lang and Sandy Fox, Hollywood voice actors, writers and directors. The panel encompasses everything about voice acting. The difference between commercials, TV promos, adr/walla for live action film and TV, mainstream animation and the intricate technique of anime and dubbing. And many lucky attendees will get time on the mic and get to see their performance on the big screen! Don't miss this one!