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Skit Contest
09/03/2022 1:00 PM - 2:00 PM
Main Events (Valley of the Sun)
Miss Deep
Come watch contestants show their best skits during Saboten Con Skit Contest. Awards will be given to the best skits.

Saboten Con 2022 Skit Contest Rules


General Rules

  • The Saboten Con Skit Contest is a skit competition. The Skit Contest is open to those who enjoy performing in front of an audience (lip-synching, dancing, acting, etc.) and allows a longer time limit per entry than the Saboten Con’s Masquerade. There will be no craftsmanship judging in this contest. Costumes may be purchased, commissioned, rentals or handmade.
  • Covid-19 Rules (subject to change)
  • Masks- We will be following Saboten Con’s Covid Policy for mask guidelines (which will be released Monday, August 29th. Please see our current Covid Policy, which is subject to change. https://www.sabotencon.com/posts?id=cmjag3ql4d2dq8b) If Saboten Con 2022 has a mask mandate, you will be able remove your mask during your performance. You will need to hold onto your own mask during your performance. Please make sure you have a safe place to store your mask during your performance.
  • Personal Items- We will have security in the green room to watch your personal items while you are on stage or in the audience during the masquerade and half-time show. 
  • Contestants/groups may enter both the Skit Contest and the Masquerade as long as the contestants/groups perform a different entry for each competition.
  • Costumes of all genres are welcome to compete.
  • All Skit Contest contestants must comply with Saboten Con’s Code of Conduct.
  • The Skit Contest will have a limit of 20 entries.
  • There is a maxium of 15 people per group. If you wish to have more, please contact the Skit contest director for permission. You can contact the skit director at skitcontest@sabotencon.com
  • Each person may only participate in one entry.
  • Each entry may only appear on stage one time.
  • Each contestant or group contact person must check in at the Cosplay Desk before the Skit Contest.
  • Contestants must report to the Skit Contest Green Room on time. The green room will be in Main Events and will open at 12:00pm on Saturday.
  • On line registration will close Monday, August 29th by Midnight.
  • At Con registration will be available if entries are available.

Performance Rules

  • All Skit entries must be 4 minutes or less. If you go over the time limit your audio will be cut off at 4 minutes.
  • There will be no microphones on stage for contestant use.
  • All audio for the performance must be prerecorded. 
  • All performances must be PG-13. 
  • Any performances with stunts must receive approval from the Skit Contest Manager before the event.
  • The use of open flame, flash powder, fireworks, lasers, smoke machines, etc. is prohibited.
  • Any props used on stage must be able to be removed easily and must leave the stage in the same condition as it was before the prop was used.
  • Interaction with the MC is prohibited.
  • The Skit Contest Manager reserves the right to eliminate anyone from competition on the basis of taste, danger to the audience or other contestants or for any other reason deemed sufficient.

Costume Rules

  • Costumes related to Anime/Manga, Video Games, J-Rock, Sci-fi, western cartoons, historical, movies, and TV shows are allowed to be entered in the competition.
  • Costumes may be purchased, commissioned, rentals or handmade.
  • All Props must conform to Saboten Con’s Weapon’s Policy.
  • Costumes that have previously won awards at other conventions are prohibited from entering Saboten Con’s Skit Contest.

Audio and Music Rules

  • There is no internet for us to use at the convention, we cannot download audio for any entries.
  • Music will not be provided for entries.
  • All dialogue/music must be either submitted online at (Saboten Con 2022 (Skit Contest Music Upload) (google.com)) by Monday, August 29th at Midnight or at the Cosplay Desk during check in before the Skit Contest.
  • Recordings that run over the 4 minute Skit time limit will be cut short.
  • Dialogue/music must be submitted in an audio CD or USB Flash drive.
  • Dialogue/music must be the only track on the CD or USB Flash drive.
  • CDs and Flash drives will not be returned to the contestants.


  • Our judges will be grading on:
  • Originality: Making a new, fresh, and creative performance.
  • Creativity: Making a performance that gives a new spin on content and characters involved.
  • Execution: Practiced, well-rehearsed, smooth performance.
  • Crowd: How much the crowd reacts to the performance.


Any questions about Saboten Con’s Skit Contest can be sent to skitcontest@sabotencon.com

Any questions about Saboten Con’s Masquerade can be sent to masquerade@sabotencon.com