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Rocket Ribbon Challenge
09/02/2022 2:00 PM - 4:00 PM
Video Gaming (Valley of the Sun)

Hey trainers. Are you tired of getting regular badges from some gym leader? Do you want a better challenge with some crimm-... errm misunderstood good folks? Well we have just the thing for you!! Team Rocket AZ Ribbons. Find a rocket grunt that holds the TRAZ Ribbon holder ribbon and challenge them to get your very own ribbon. Just be prepared to have your Switch (With a copy of Sword / Shield) handy or else take up a personal challenge the TRAZ Ribbon Holder has for you. All the other trainers will be so jealous when they see the awesome ribbons you've won from team rocket, they'll want to throw away their badges from those stinky gym leaders.

Additional Panelists:
  • James Giblin:Large Orange Fish Carrying man with a net of Magikarp
  • TRAZ Yard:member of team rocket arizona panelist group