Saboten Con went through a huge growth spurt last year and we were wondering if this year would see our attendance drop some or increase. It looks like we are going to see another year of growth over last year’s attendance. To help with this growth the management team has been working hard to expand areas this year to help with the flow as well as plan for a larger expansion next year.

For this year we will be opening pre-registration badge pickup on Thursday at 4 PM to help with the lines we saw last year. We have also added six more stations to our registration area to help with getting more people through faster. One of the other changes this year is that we are moving panelists and event support check-in into their own areas on the first floor thanks to the newly renovated space at the hotel. These will now be in their own board room on the first floor just past the bar & seating area. We will have signage to help guide you to the space as well. Lastly, we also added a new hotel for overflow at the Hyatt to help with the increase in hotel room needs as we have already sold out almost all of the Sheraton.

As for our larger expansion for 2023, we will announce at closing ceremonies all the amazing changes coming. We will hint here though that we will be increasing our vendor hall and artist space as well as our main events and gaming.

We hope to see you all this year at Saboten Con and for years to come.