The design work of Susan Lake has been widely acclaimed throughout the United States as well as Internationally. Her work has been featured in Haute Doll Magazine, IDEX, and all major doll conventions throughout the United States. She began her work as a head wear and assessory designer for people, and after being introduced to miniature design, she was invited to started designing for BJD dolls. She represented Souldoll, in the first United States Korean Ball Jointed Doll Convention, and her book and designs have been featured in Haute Doll Magazine. She is a sought after speaker and workshop teacher. Susan returns to Saboten this year to share her unique perspective and philosophy in creating costume ideas for BJD dolls. Susan Lake currently lives in Palm Springs Ca. ,and is the Founder of “The Discovery Portal” a federally recognized, 501c3 non profit organization which focuses on integrating Eastern practices into the field of education, recovery, and Mind Body health and wellness programs.