1. Attendees must adhere to all Federal, State, Local, venue and convention laws, rules and guidelines at all times. Failure to do so may result in your being removed from the convention and subject to other penalties.
  2. All weapons and props are subject to inspection by convention security to determine any threat to the public. Weapons that appear dangerous but offer no threat to the public are subject to mandatory peace bonding. If a weapon is deemed genuinely dangerous or violates a local ordinance, said weapon is to be removed from the convention space.
  3. Dancing is permitted in areas that do not disrupt the flow of traffic in any way, or interfere with lines for the venue or other areas.  Carmelldansen, conga lines and/or red rover are not permitted anywhere on the convention grounds at anytime during the convention.
  4. No broadcasting of loud music, “glomping,” running, impromptu gymnastics or generally disruptive behavior will not be allowed.  Signs must be a part of an actual costume.  No “Free Hugs” or signs offering or selling anything are permitted.  Signs are subject to security inspection if large or contain any metal.  Signs must not contain any inappropriate content.
  5. Loitering in high traffic areas (e.g. hallways) is against convention rules and venue guidelines, it is also a violation of fire code.  Keep moving until you find yourself in an area where stopping, sitting and posing for photo does not block traffic.
  6. Should your child go missing, or if you find yourself separated from a parent or guardian, contact the first convention representative you encounter or go directly to the security desk for assistance.
  7. Please have your badge visible, or easily and quickly accessible if you are asked by convention staff to present it.
  8. Please observe the convention dress code at all times. If attire would be considered inappropriate at a municipal swimming pool, you will be required to change.
  9. If you have questions about anything at the convention, consult your programming guide or visit the information desk for more detailed information.
  10. Thank you for reading and observing this guide. This is your convention, too; enjoy yourselves!