We are happy to announce our parking option for this year’s Saboten Con.  The biggest feedback we got last year for our parking was that it was too far away, was confusing on where to find it, and that it didn’t allow for overnight parking.  This year we have worked with a much closer garage, literally adjacent to the hotel, to allow our attendees a much simpler parking option.

After negotiations with the garage we have worked on an option where we have helped reduce the overall costs of the garage substantially over other parking options around the hotel (which do not offer overnight parking).  You can use the Arizona Republic Parking garage from Saturday 9/2 to Monday 9/1 for a low daily rate of $7 (no in/out privileges).  This garage is located on the corner of 2nd Street and E Taylor Street (Just North of the Sheraton Grande Hotel).  We could not secure any Friday rates or spaces due to that being a normal work day, so you will still need to find parking in one of the local garages or street parking for Friday (attached here is a link to parking in and around the hotel on Friday http://bit.ly/2vgGO9E).

To use the parking:

  1. Pull into the garage
  2. The attendant will give you a paper for parking at the location for the event (you may have to ask specifically for the Saboten Con rate paper)
  3. Bring this piece of paper to the convention and pay for the space at our registration booth on the 1st floor of the hotel (in the registration area, look for a sign that says PARKING)
  4. You will be given a new piece of paper to use to check out of the parking lot (make sure not to lose this as we cannot replace any lost papers).  Please make sure to tell us if it’s more than one day (overnight) as you will need to pay for all days in advance.
    1. URGENT: If you only pay for one day, but stay multiple days in the garage you will be charged the normal going rate from the garage when you check out (Currently $22/day)
    2. NOTE: We cannot refund this payment as all received payments MUST be given to the garage per our agreed contract.

Also, remember that we are located very close to both Valley Metro bus stops and Light Rail stops as well.

We hope this new location is much easier to find and use than our previous option and it helps you enjoy your stay at our event.

REMINDER: Remember one of the perks of staying in a hotel room for 3+ nights is one free parking spot at our hotel (space permitting).