ThiiNyx is back again with your love of UK Hardcore, DnB, and video game remixes! His popularity in the Arizona anime convention community has grown significantly to even play alongside some of the best DJ's in Arizona. Since his start at Phoenix Comicon in 2012, he has brought the energy and excitement to everyone he plays to. Get ready to party with him and your friends because he's back again and bringing the beats!


Austin Wright is a soundtrack and trance music enthusiast, and the maintainer of Radio Hyrule, an Internet radio station dedicated to remixes of music from the Legend of Zelda franchise.


For over a decade Blakeland has been a favorite at local Raves, Clubs and Conventions in Arizona and around the country. His love for Trance and Hard Dance music has allowed him to create some of the most emotional and terrifying sets for the audiences ears. A true mad man behind the decks there is no telling what kind of journey he will take you on. There is only one for sure thing.. You don't want to miss this set.