DJ HK (Hunter)

Hunter (HK) has been parading across the west coast and southwest of the United States since 2010. Originally from Colorado, she moved to Phoenix, Arizona in 2015 to continue to build upon her DJ skills. Hardcore music infects her soul, bringing with it a sprawl of tendrils that bring a smile to her lips, and the best music available to your ears.

In 2016, Hunter began her very own line of YouTube videos in a series that focuses on beauty, and streaming her favorite video games on Twitch around the same time. If you get the chance to visit her streams and videos, you’ll find her to be a candid individual.

Look out for DJ HK to provide plenty of entertainment in Phoenix over the coming years.


Cofounder of Six Feet Underground records and long time member of the AZ Hardcore Junkies, K.O.R.E. has been rocking sets and producing tracks for over 18 years. Since he was a teenager and heard hardcore for the first time he knew he heard something special and had to be a part of it. With no one to teach him and only equipped with unlimited passion and desire K.O.R.E. began his journey picking up a loan to purchase turntables, records and a mixer. Spending countless hours honing his craft with mixing and also working on production as well he developed his own sound and soon caught the eye of promoters and groups across the united states. Having grown up listening to punk, metal and thrash you can hear that influence in the music K.O.R.E. brings, aggressive energetic and in your face hardcore!


Flexstyle is a mad scientist of sound. By bringing an amalgamation of bombastic beats to the table with a signature blend of soaring melodies, hard hitting bass, and all the retro video game feels, his plan to take over the world is becoming a success, one dance floor at a time!?

DJ Tsukasa

Born and raised in Phoenix, Tsukasa has been djing for 6 years now. Her career started at raves, but has since moved on to playing more conventions celebrating anime and comics. Inspired by various UK artists, Tsukasa has brought her own up beat style to mixing and performing. Feel the bounce!