Security is one area that Monkey Paw Entertainment, Inc “MPE” takes very seriously.  Our team has been discussing changes that would need to be implemented to help tighten down on our security measures to help make sure our attendees have an enjoyable and safe weekend.  For Saboten Con 2017, we will be updating our current process to add a few changes and enhance a few others.

First, we want to discuss our new bag check process.  We have not been asked to do this, but given the size of our event we feel it necessary to make sure our security meets the needs of a larger event.  We have been researching this for quite some time and think we finally have a solution that meets our requirements.

One of our biggest requirements is controlling the initial touch our attendees have with our events.  What this means is, when you first enter our event your entire experience for the weekend is predicated greatly by how you are treated right then.  Did you have a good registration experience?  Did you get into our show in a timely manner?  Did you feel you were treated with respect?  Those are the driving questions we always ask when we work to update our processes and policies.

With these questions in mind, we had concerns with bringing in a 3rd party vendor to do security bag checks.  This would basically hand over a critical initial touch with our attendees without any control on our side.  This isn’t conducive with our driving goals, thus we needed to figure out how to do this without impacting our customers experience.  We discussed with lawyers what a private company (doing it ourselves) is allowed to do and not allowed to do for checking bags.  What we found is that we could do this 100% ourselves, but the issue then comes down to liability.  What we mean is, if we were to do the bag checks 100% internally then if something were to happen, any legal actions would be on our company.  This would also require us to increase our insurance premiums to make sure we are covered for any legal actions.  If we were to go with a 3rd party company the liability falls on them for security of all the bags and any legal action would ultimately be against them and not our company.

After reviewing both options we have come to a final decision to do a hybrid solution.  All MPE events that require bag checks will use a 3rd party vendor, but will also be augmented with MPE staff at all times to ensure the vendors are acting the way we expect our attendees to be treated and to ensure that if there are any issues one of our staff is always there to make sure an issue is resolve promptly and with a strong customer service mentality.

Second, we are going to be updating our peace bonding process.  Before you panic, there is not going to be any sort of prop ban.  The change is to make sure that all costumes and props are properly checked to make sure they are allowed to enter the event.  What this means is while we have always done a peace bonding table at all entrances to our shows we will be increasing its responsibilities to be a cosplay and prop inspection station.  This will make sure that all props meet our approved rules (which you can find on all our websites) and to also check larger costumes to make sure no weapons are part of them that could be dangerous.  We do not expect to update our weapons policy to deny anything that hasn’t been allowed in the past, but please make sure to read the policies on our website to ensure you are complying.

Lastly, I’m sure the question many of you have is “Will this impact getting into the event?”.  The short answer is “It shouldn’t” as that would go against one of our driving rules of “Did you get into our show in a timely manner?”.  We will work on the process to make sure we have the staff appropriately scheduled to handle the busy times to make sure this does not greatly increase your time to get into our shows.