Monkey Paw Entertainment is excited to announce a new set of events over the weekend this year at Saboten Con.  You have all attended guest Q&A panels in the past and got to hear all about your favorite guest or their characters, but we felt there was something missing.  We wanted to build a new event around our guests that would allow for more interaction during a panel while getting a lot of great information out about them and their characters.

Welcome Senpai Chit Chat to Saboten Con 2017!  This will be an interactive guest event that will run several times over the weekend of Saboten Con where you will get to hear more about the guest, their characters, what they are doing right now, and what their plans are for the future.  Senpai Chit Chat will be a talk show based event where our host will interview our guest(s) and ask questions from you, our attendees, as well as let the guest talk about anything upcoming and exciting.

To allow our attendees the ability to help shape Senpai Chit Chat, we will be taking surveys starting now until early August on questions you have for any of our guests (you will need to fill out the survey to get your question entered into the list of potential questions for the guest).  We will then compile our final list of interview questions and other things to talk about to make the final event for each guest’s appearance.

Senpai Chit Chat will have anywhere from one to several guests at a time that are part of the event to keep things exciting and allow for more interaction and information to be shared with our attendees.  We hope you like our new event and please let us know if you have ideas or questions on this event or any other event at our shows.

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