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The Video Game Business from the Inside Out with Chris Tang
08/30/2019 2:30 PM - 3:30 PM
Laveen A/B (Guest Panels)
Chris Tang

There are many ways to be involved in the video game industry ranging from hobbyist to professional, indie to triple-A, and from arcade to console to PC. As a veteran developer starting at an early age, Chris Tang has performed more roles in the industry than one might imagine possible - including senior designer, programmer, voice actor/director, packaging/manual writer, UI artist and so many others - creating arcade and consumer games for prominent companies and indie projects alike. From well-known franchises such as "Street Fighter" and "Tetris" to growing his own new IP "Strike Blazinger", it has always been a love of games and anime driving motivation and success. In this panel he will be sharing his unique experiences and advice for those wanting to get involved in the game business or are curious about it.