Weird AMVs
09/02/2019 2:30 PM - 3:30 PM
Camelback A

The art of making AMVs takes time, presence, and most of all patience. Join Priapella Corp as we explore dramatic tropes in AMVs including editing, song choice, and source picking.

About Panelists:
  • Cecalie:Member of Priapella Corp and The Gay Agenda panelist groups active panelist in Arizona conventions since 2009.
Additional Panelists:
  • Margarette Balajo:Your costume is flawless, your wig is fabulous, and your shoes are incredibly uncomfortable. But can you go the extra mile and stay in-character as we throw you into wild situations? What is Kamina‚Äôs drink order at Starbucks? How would Naruto and Shinji act in a really bad soap opera? Join Priapella Corp to test your skills.
  • Charles Diab:Professional big brother since 1991