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Live Action Fight Scenes - the Game!
09/01/2019 8:30 PM - 9:30 PM
Cave Creek

In this game YOU call the shots! Choose your Avatar, choose your fighting style and control your character (played by our lovely panelists). The GM will walk you through the fight scene and it’s up to you to call the shots and roll the dice.

Additional Panelists:
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  • Cheyenne Bramwell:Cheyenne is a newly published author, stunt fighter, and podcaster! You can find her work featured on the storytelling podcast, "The Stories We Tell", and on her daily poetry blog www.poemafterpoem.weebly.com, along with her Twitter account @PoemsByCheyenne. She's also one of the players and producers on the actual-play podcast "Magical Bullshit". Her first published book is "Words Are Hard: A War on Writer's Block", and can be purchased on Amazon.com.