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JFashion Show
08/31/2019 7:00 PM - 8:00 PM
Main Events (Valley of the Sun)
Miss Deep

Love Fashion? Are you a lolita, a gyaru, a raver? Join us for the annual JFashion show Saturday Night. We love to showcase local designers who are inspired by Japanese Fashion and attendees who love to show off their own fashion and flair. Anyone can participate, come dressed up or dress up a friend, we want to have a variety of styles and items to show. Come and strut your stuff on the catwalk.

Guidelines for participating in the fashion show

  1. Outfits for the fashion show must be associated with or inspired by Japanese street fashion style. Examples of Japanese street fashion are:
  2. Lolita (any sub style)
  3. Decora or Kawaii
  4. Gal Style (any sub style)
  5. Visual Kei, Oshare Kei, fairy kei, hime kei or natural kei
  6. Traditional kimono or yukata
  7. Japanese Cyber
  8. Kigurumi (disguise pajamas)
  9. Takuya Angel/Rave wear
  10. Mori girl
  11. There are many more styles-if you want to model an outfit that is not listed above please send a picture or sketch of your outfit to jfashion@sabotencon.com for approval.
  12. Your outfit can be purchased or handmade or a combination of the two. Just look as fabulous as you can.
  13. Designers can wear their own outfits or have models wear the outfits. A model should wear no more than 2 outfits during the show.
  14. Please no cosplay. We want to focus on Japanese street fashion, if you want to show a costume please sign up for the masquerade.
  15. Contestants entering the J-Fashion Show may also enter separate outfits for the Masquerade.
  16. Local fashion designers are always welcome in the Jfashion show! If you are a local designer inspired by Japanese culture and clothing and want to showcase your creations and promote yourself in the show, please enter! Even if you only do accessories, this is a great way to promote yourself! You will however have to find your own models and get them ready. We will not have hair and make-up people on staff.  A maximum of 50 entries total will be allowed for the J-Fashion Show.