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Dramatic Fanfic Reading (18+)
08/30/2019 10:00 PM - 11:00 PM
North Mountain (Cosplay)

Some fanfics go above and beyond. They are incredibly thought-provoking, well-written, and invoke complex themes and emotion. These are not those fics.

About Panelists:
  • Cecalie:Member of Priapella Corp and The Gay Agenda panelist groups active panelist in Arizona conventions since 2009.
Additional Panelists:
  • Margarette Balajo:Your costume is flawless, your wig is fabulous, and your shoes are incredibly uncomfortable. But can you go the extra mile and stay in-character as we throw you into wild situations? What is Kamina‚Äôs drink order at Starbucks? How would Naruto and Shinji act in a really bad soap opera? Join Priapella Corp to test your skills.
  • Charles Diab:Professional big brother since 1991