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Danganronpa: Murder At Hopes Peak
08/31/2019 2:30 PM - 5:00 PM
Maryvale B (Workshops)

Surely you have played the games, searched for clues and uncovered the truth! Well now you have the opportunity to participate in an actual murder investigation! Receive the Monokuma File, collect and find clues with your fellow teammates, question suspects and uncover the details that will lead you to solving the crime and avoiding the punishment~ The anticipation is just unbearable, Upupupupu!

Additional Panelists:
  • Alisys:Cosplayer, professional Actor, Artist and Cosplay Designer within Royal Cosplay Studios with about 5 years of experience hosting successful panels at various cons.
  • Denise Denogean:I'm a member of royalcosplaystudios. I am one of the talented actors and cosplayers apart of Royal Cosplay studio. My Instagram is melodicmeister. I love taking couple photos with the cute sugarservant!
  • Dovahkitty Cosplay:Assistant/Actor/Cosplayer with RoyalCosplayStudios. I have been cosplaying for about four years now, and I can't wait to work with RCS more!