Monkey Paw Entertainment is happy to announce another offering for all our attendees. We will be selling a yearly pass, called a Monkey Pass, that can get you into all of our shows at a reduced rate. We hope this will allow those who want to attend more of our shows the ability to go since they will only need to pay once each year. The pass is good for 6 shows within 365 days of purchase and can be redeemed at the registration desk with valid ID. These passes are not transferable and are only good for one full event pass for each show.

We will only be selling a small number of these for this year to test if this is something people want. If you are interested don’t delay in purchasing your Monkey Pass. The price for this new pass will be $100 and can be purchased by filling out this form

Terms and Conditions:

  • All sales are final and no refunds will be provided
  • This annual pass is for one (1) single full event pass for up to six (6) Monkey Paw Entertainment shows within a 365 day period starting from the time of purchase.
  • Not attending all six (6) events, or a subset thereof, will not afford you any rebate or refund
  • You may only redeem one (1) full event pass from each convention (year excluded) using the annual pass.
  • To redeem a full event badge for an event you must show your valid ID with the name that matches the name you gave when your annual pass was created.
  • This offer is not transferable and can only be used solely by you for up to 6 shows within a 365 day period from the time of purchase.
  • You may not give a badge received through this annual pass to anyone else.

Current List of Shows:

  • Kikori Con, March, Flagstaff Arizona
  • Sabaku Con, May, Albuquerque New Mexico
  • Con Nichiwa, June, Tucson Arizona
  • Itty Bitty Fur Con, July, Mesa Arizona
  • Saboten Con, September, Phoenix Arizona
  • Arizona Fur Con, October, Mesa Arizona


Q: What if I already bought my badges for an event in the next 365 days?

A: We will work with anyone who already has purchases to see what works best to afford them the 6 offered passes

Q: What if I don't attend all 6 shows, do I get any rebate or refund

A: No, this annual pass only gives you the opportunity to attend all 6 shows.

Q: What if I'm a vendor for one of the shows, but want to attend the others?

A: We will work with current vendors to see how to best offer this annual pass on a case by case basis to help you attend other shows at a reduced rate.