Hobby Expo is a event located in the Ahwatuke hall of the Sheraton hotel and is inspired by shows that you could only see in Japan like Wonderfest and the Shizuoka Hobby show. It's purpose is to allow creative people an outlet to showcase their artistic talent and love for their favorite elements of Japanese Pop culture through plastic and resin model kit building. Japanese PVC figure and doll collecting communities as well as other popular hobbies are also welcomed and encouraged to participate. Every year there there is a high in PVC figure exposition running over the weekend and special events such as the Annual plastic modeling competition and the more adult orientated "Hobby Expo: Naughty at Night" Each year we try and bring in respected personalities in the Hobby Community as guests to share their knowledge with attendees such as Those Gundam Guys and Leona's Workshop. The Sabo Hobby Expo runs August 30th-September 2nd and is free with Saboten Con Badge.

Programming can be found here: http://www.sabotencon.com/programming?&tags=Hobby%20Expo