Monkey Paw Entertainment is changing up how we run our gaming room and we want all our attendees and fans to know what we are doing and why. This change affects how we run video gaming tournaments at all our shows.

The main goal of our gaming room has always been to create an inviting atmosphere where anyone can walk in and have a good time. This means if you ever wanted to learn a tabletop game, you could walk in and our staff would help you learn the game and even play a few rounds with you if we can’t get a team together to play. This has been our driving force in our gaming room and has really expanded our tabletop side and introduced gaming to those who may have been too afraid to try and learn a new game.

Recently we noticed that on the video gaming side, especially tournaments, there is more trepidation towards entering tournaments as many of them have a buy in system. This buy in process goes against our driving force of gaming for all and welcoming environment to allow anyone to have fun. To this extent we have decided to remove the buy in process for our gaming tournaments and will move to a prize award system which will be everything from cool prizes from our vendors to event passes for future shows that will go to the top winners. We fell this will allow more to enjoy the video gaming tournaments we offer and help those who might have been afraid to throw their hat in the ring a chance to test their mettle.

We sincerely hope this doesn’t change your thoughts on our gaming room and we hope by doing this it will allow more people to enter our tournaments and have fun in the process.