We are only 9 days away from the start of the largest Anime Convention in Arizona and we have SO MUCH going on this year that you don't want to miss! This week we released information for parking, autographs, and much more so please check out our website and get all the information you need to plan out your fun filled weekend at Saboten Con!


Silent Hill Concert: http://www.sabotencon.com/programming/panel/view/595mhk0jyjm4acy

Pokemon Concert: http://www.sabotencon.com/programming/panel/view/595mhk0jz1ryiqi


@home cafe: http://www.sabotencon.com/posts?id=9kkamjzivg4md

Sumuji Maid Cafe: http://www.sabotencon.com/programming/panel/view/595mifgjxb8wnsy

OtakuCloset: http://www.sabotencon.com/posts?id=595mhk0jzdemxa6

Helpful Topics:

Parking During Saboten Con: http://www.sabotencon.com/posts?id=595mhk0jzixqj9e

Autographs: http://www.sabotencon.com/posts?id=595mhk0jzjxyu1l

Digital Grid: http://www.sabotencon.com/posts?id=9kkamjzk3klqq