Our industry has been going through some changes over the past few years with guests and autographs and we wanted to take a moment and discuss what Monkey Paw Entertainment is doing to help curb some of the costs.

In recent years, anime guests have started to charge for autographs and with good reason in many cases. The items of their characters with their autographs on them can fetch a good price on Ebay and sites like them, so we have seen an uptick in autograph hunters who’s main goal is to get items autographed for free to sell online. This has caused many guests, when they attend a convention, to get hounded at airports before they even get to the event to sign items since some of these autograph hunters know that many events, like ours, control autographs and stop our guests from being over run by these groups. As such, what you have seen recently is many guests starting to charge for autographs to help manage some of this.

One of our founding principals was to always have an autograph that is free for attendees, but that has been abused over the past year or two as well by this group of autograph hunters. For this reason we have had to rethink how we do autographs and control the lines to make sure our guests feel safe and allow our attendees to still get autographs if they want them.

Starting with Saboten Con 2019 we will be implementing a new autograph process for those guests that are going to be charging for autographs. We will be asking these guests to sign our program guide or a badge at a reduced (or free) cost to still allow our fans a chance to see the guest up close and get a piece of memorabilia, above the signed program guide or badge the guests are then allowed to charge for any other autographs they so choose at a price that they set. This is not set in stone and there are going to be some circumstances where the guest will just have a flat rate for any autograph, but we will do our best to manage this and communicate it very early so you are not surprised when you get to the show.

We hope you understand this change and help us communicate it out to everyone so that we can have a fun event and enjoy this amazing industry together. As always if you have questions, comments, or concerns please let us know and we will do our best to answer them for you here or you can email our owner at greg@monkey-paw.com.

Thank you,

MPE Executive Team