One of the ways we help our attendees save money is by working with a local parking garage to make sure those who drive into the convention have an affordable place to park daily. We are happy to announce that we have worked out a very good parking price for the garage right beside the Sheraton (Where the Arizona Republic Parks) for a price of $10/day (with overnight for Sheraton Hotel Guests)

To park in this structure you will get a piece of paper from the attendant when you pull in. You will then take that paper to our registration desks and pay for your days of parking (up to 4 days; Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and Monday). You will then get a ticket from us that you will present at the parking structure when you depart to show you paid for the parking.

Our registration is open daily from 10am to 10pm, please make sure to pay for your parking during those times as we will not have after hours service to pay for parking at 10pm.