Thursday, 13 March 2014 15:19


Kazuha Oda has worked with wide variety of different performers including the Grammy winning pianist Bob James. After her successful solo career working over 20 records in Japan, she decided to start her rock band "Kazha".
Kazha represents the new future of the world music; a fusion of cultures and musical viewpoints that create their sound. Their music combines the softness of a falling feather with the heaviness of a hurricane.

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Wednesday, 05 March 2014 13:07

Moon Stream

Moon Stream is a new musical unit combining the forces of Japanese visual style rock with the sounds of the New York underground. Created in early 2011, Moon Stream is fronted by Satsuki (vocals, ex RENTRER EN SOI) and Tomo (guitar, echostream). These two veterans of the early Visual Kei explosion in Japan are now active on opposite ends of the globe. The first half of the band’s name “Moon” is derived from Satsuki’s own name, while the latter half, taken from Tomo’s band name “echostream,” fuses to create a fresh concept for a band unlike any other – channeling the energy of the moon as a powerful musical force. Displaying their visual and musical talent from signature rock sounds, ambient compositions, to dance rock music, their US debut launched Moon Stream into the sky.

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