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Ryan McMurry

Ryan McMurry

Ryan McMurry is an artist, comic book creator and cosplayer. He has been attending conventions and cosplaying since 2005 in Arizona and California and is perhaps best known for his cosplay of Spike Spiegel from the classic anime “Cowboy Bebop”.

In 2010, Ryan appeared as Spike in the hardbound book "Cosplay in America" along with fellow cosplayer Illiara as Faye Valentine. The duo's images were used in the book as well as various promotional uses of the book such as gallery pieces, lobby cards, and posters. He is known by either his cosplay or convention badge names “Toshi” or “Tenucha”.

He frequently listens to loud music and watches his DVD collection while working on art. Ryan has been drawing all his life, having started off as a child influenced by his favorite cartoons and movies. In the '90s his art style became influenced by Ninja Turtles, Dragonball, Armitage III, Dominion Tank Police, and Akira. Now, Ryan has since learned to branch out and draw more than just Japanese styles and influences.

In 2012 he contributed original art for the charity Brain Cancer Foundation, "Beer for Brains" auction. He has created art and shirt designs for several bands and musicians, including Tub Ring and Mindless Self Indulgence.

Ryan created the original comic book "Zombie B.C." with contributing cover art from model Aurora O'Brien and legendary artist Steve Rude "The Dude". Ryan wrote, penciled, inked, and did the layouts for the interior work and colored the cover. He self-published it for debut at Saboten Con in 2012. Ryan is currently working on “Zombie B.C. #2” for release in 2014.