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Susan Lake

Susan Lake

The miniature hats & costumes of Susan Lake come alive in GOBLINS' BEND!

Susan Lake has built a career creating distinctive and unique designs while staying true to her own sense of style.  She has designed for theatre, dancers and the stage.  Her design aesthetic  is recognizable by her use of  color, shape and size in a dramatic and powerful fashion statement. Now Susan brings her designs to the bjd world

In 2011, Susan began collaborating with face paint artist, Cheryl Austin, by introducing her bjd hat designs on Cheryl's dolls.  Since then Susan has created a variety of unique and classic BJD hats.

In 2013, Susan introduced part one of her book GOBLINS' BEND, and gave the reader and bjd collectors the opportunity to get envolved in the story and in collecting the costumes inspired by the book's characters.  A fantasy about two brothers struggle over the power of dark and light comes to life as a great battle is about to begin. The search for six magic hats, a cast of creatures and witches all come to realize the power of their destiny. In December of last year, Susan presented her first one of a kind bjd costumes inspired by the books characters.  The magical costume of RASPINA RASPBURI, PRUDENCE of MORWEDD and DENORA DARK are truly works of art.  Every costume is carefully thought out and topped off with elaborate detailed headpieces.  This fall, part two of GOBLINS' BEND continuesas Zeeba travels to Hollowberry, in hopes of finding  Opelaeria the Queen of the Fairies. Without her help his friends fate is doomed and the witches of Morwedd will begintheir reign of terror...