Youmu Hamaguchi, Vocalist, Songwriter, Music Producer, and Vocal Coach. Hamaguchi started his major debut as a vocalist for the “TOY BOYS” band, who had a formidable presence during the 90's band boom in Japan.

After TOY BOYS disbanded, he became involved in the solo project “SHOW-RI” (produced by Yasuo Akimoto and Tsugutosi Gotou). Then he joined the band “CRAZE” before forming the band “RAY-GUNS.” He would go on to write the opening theme “CENTURY COLOR” (Lyrics: Lin Iogi and Youmu Hamaguchi, Music: Youmu Hamaguchi) for the anime "∀(turn A) Gundam” was a huge hit.

He made the ending theme song “SAKURA” for the anime “The Prince of Tennis” after beginning his solo career. The song was a huge success and sold well for many years.

When Japanese anime movement spread internationally, Hamaguchi’s music was highly regarded and covered by many musicians overseas. As a result, his music activities expanded globally leading to him holding concerts in places like New York, Beijing, Shanghai, and Seoul.

As a music director, Hamaguchi would join Shinichi Koga, Junji Ito and Ochazukenori, who are known as masters of Japanese horror manga, as they adapted their works into film. He composed music for three of their movies such as “Eko Eko Azarak.” With this, he continued to expand his musical presence.

Hamaguchi is the key person in the label “THE RAIN-MAKER.” As a vocal coach, he teaches many vocalists, anime song singers, and voice acting students as a part of his label’s activities. His unique theory, which is based on his own personal life experiences and professional experiences as a vocalist, and his relevant and effective teaching method gained the tremendous trust of his students.