Chris Tang is an accomplished game designer, cosplayer, and eSports personality. He's known as the voice of the Classic Tetris World Championship and the "BOOM! Tetris for Jeff!" meme. Chris' commentary helped propel the CTWC to tens of millions of views online, with a historic broadcast debut on ESPN in 2019. As a competitive gamer, Chris is best known for winning the "Rock the Rock" $25,000 Sonic & Knuckles Sega World Championship on MTV, but it was becoming a Nintendo World Championships City Champion that kicked off his career in the game industry. "Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike", "Marvel Vs. Capcom", "Transformers", "Gauntlet IV", "Tetris", "Primal Rage", and the infamously canceled "Primal Rage II" are among the games and franchises Chris has contributed game design, writing, voice acting, and production work for. Chris is currently the co-creator and Senior Game Designer on "Strike Blazinger", a successor to the high-speed rail shooters of the arcade era with a strong anime influence - that was first revealed here at Saboten Con.

As a cosplayer, Chris has won over 40 awards in competition, with appearances in magazines and on TV with highlights being the Barnaby Brooks Jr. Hero Suit from "Tiger & Bunny", Battlized SPD Red Power Ranger, Transforming Autobot Smokescreen WRX, Gundam Epyon, Sportacus, and Captain Commando. Chris is featured in films such as the award-winning "Ecstasy of Order: The Tetris Masters", and appears as a cosplayer on HBO's hit TV series "Entourage" and on various "Tiger & Bunny" video releases. In 2016 he was invited to join the U.S. National Video Game Team, was inducted into the International Video Game Hall of Fame in Ottumwa, Iowa in 2017, and became a speaker at the Game Developers Conference in 2018.

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