Known for the Silent Hill series, Shadows of the Damned, LET IT DIE、among many others. 

Executive Producer and composer of the Silent Hill live action film. AKIRA was the first to deliver a total horror game experience through disturbing tunes and unearthly sounds. His later works expanded outside the gaming world, such as Japan major TV drama “The Rules of a Great Detective,”Silent Hill live action film, and other various project. 

  • 「SILET HILL」Series
  • 「SILENT HILL」movie
  • 「SILENT HILL Revelation 3D」
  • 「JULIA X」movie
  • 「fade」 Major debut album sound produce
  • 「Bass’flo」(UK) REMIX
  • 「PATEMA Inverted」Animation film Sound Effect
  • 「Dir en Grey」「RINKAKU」
  • 「Revolucion」Mexico limited original CD
  • 「Play For Japan」: The Album one of several contributors 
  • 「LET IT DIE」
  • Many Other TV Drama,Movie