Rica Matsumoto is an active actress, voice actor, singer, and multi-talent. Her activity area covers a wide range including Japan, China, America, Russia, Brazil, Chile, Mexico, Spain, Vietnam. Her father was the chairman of the mass theater 'Taishu-engeki' and she was also active in the stage of 'Taishu-engeki' by influence from the father.

She became famous with the television anime "Pocket Monster/Pokemon". She plays the voice of Satoshi (Ash), the main character, she also sang the theme song "Mezase Pokemon Master" recorded sales of more than 2 million CDs.

She also sang the theme song "A Live A Life" of the Japanese TV's hero story "Kamen Rider Ryuki." This song also recorded a big hit. The theme song of the previous Kamen Rider series was singing by a man, but Rica Matsumoto sang the theme song for the first time as a woman.