The president/director of CyberConnect2, an energetic game company with production strongholds in Fukuoka, Tokyo, and Montreal. When he’s not producing games, he’s busy reading manga. In fact, he loves manga so much that on average, Matsuyama reads approximately 60 volumes a month. But it’s not just manga he’s a fan of—he’s an avid lover of a wide variety of anime, movies, and of course, video games as well.

As a person, he can be described as “strong” and “passionate.”

He is respected inside and outside of the video game industry for his almost-excessive levels of passion for game development and his creed of “No Despair.” His hobby is work. His special skill is working. He works on his days off. His nickname is Piroshi.

He is well-known for his involvement with the “Naruto: Ultimate Ninja” series, “Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure: Eyes of Heaven,” “Tail Concerto,” ”Silent Bomber,” as well as the “.hack” series. He served as director on the “.hack” series, and played a large role in providing the original stories and supervision for the games as well as their multimedia tie-ins like anime and manga. He has a strong personal connection to the series, going so far as to appear in the games as characters such as Piros and Piros the 3rd (known in Japanese as "Piroshi" and "Piroshi the 3rd”).

Appearing on Saturday & Sunday of the convention