Alfred Trujillo is a Mexican-American comic book artist and writer based out of Phoenix Arizona. Ever since he decided to make art is full time career Alfred has taken the industry by storm, working for companies such as Zenescope Entertainment, Big Dog Ink, Chameleon, and Moonstone to name a few. Alfred founded and co-owns 183 Degree Studio, co-creates the independent book titled Project: Shadows and has illustrated covers for various titles. He travels internationally to comic book and pop- culture conventions promoting art and teaching drawing skills in panels and workshops. Always one to give back, Alfred takes extra time with young comic fans to share his love with the medium and sketching free for children. Alfred has also appeared on multiple interviews and segments on local and national TV and radio that deal with comic book making and marketing. 

Cara Nicole (aka AZ Powergirl) is more than just a internationally known cosplayer. She is an artist, an editor, Master of ceremonies, Panelist, educator in the industry, a community advocate across Arizona and a fan favorite everywhere she goes.

Cara is so popular with fans she has been guested to shows all across the country and even to conventions in both Canada and Mexico. She exhibited at nearly 40 conventions in 2016. Her credentials include Marvel and Wizards of the Coast (modeled for a Magic: The Gathering card) art and a comic book editor with published work by Big Dog Ink, Qew Publishing as well as creator owned projects at 183 Degree Studio.