Yuko Miyamura is a voice actress from Japan. In addition to being a very talented voice actress, she is an actress, J-pop singer, and director of audiography.

Best known for voicing the popular Asuka Langley in Evangelion, Yuko has also voiced characters in over 1000 TV episodes, OVAs, animated feature films, and video games. Her voice roles include Kazuha Toyama in Detective Conan/Case Closed, Aisha Clan Clan in Outlaw Star, Casca in Berserk, and Alyssa Searrs in My-HiME. Her gaming roles include Chun Li and Rose in the Street Fighter Alpha and EX series, Larxene in the Kingdom Hearts series and her acting roles include the presenter in Battle Royal.

While releasing Jpop albums and continuing voice acting work, she also teaches Voice Acting workshops that give people who are aspiring to enter the voice acting world, and people who are just curious, a taste of what it’s like!