Carla Perez, is an American actress best known as evil sorcerous, Rita Repulsa on Mighty Morphin Power Rangers TV series.  She first began portraying Rita Repulsa in 1993 to present day in over 75 episodes throughout several seasons in:

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers

  • Power Rangers Zeo
  • Power Rangers Turbo
  • Power Rangers Ninja Quest
  • Power Rangers in Space
  • Power Rangers DinoThunder

Along with her television role, Carla also appeared as Rita Repulsa in Power Rangers Movie "Power Rangers Turbo".  While a regular on MMPR, Carla also had a recurring role on "V.R. Troopers", the TV Serious as Ziktor’s Beauty (the android).  In her most recent role, Carla can be seen also portraying Rita Repulsa in Adi Shankar and Joseph Kahn’s internet viral sensation, “Power/Rangers” (reboot), a short sci-fi film.