Born February 15th in Chiba, Japan. At eighteen years old, AKIRA started attending Ferris University, a private all-girls college.  In 2008, she made her modeling debut as a KERA reader model.  As the most popular model of boy’s style (“men’s clothing”), she’s at the top of her field and frequently appears on the covers of KERA and KERA BOKU.  Beginning with France’s “Japan Expo”, AKIRA has been participating in various overseas events such as Shanghai’s World Expo fashion show and has garnered immense popularity outside Japan, as well.  In addition, the summer of 2014 marked her debut as a solo musician under the name AKIRA.  She made her debut with the ending theme song for the television anime Black Butler: Book of Circus, which was released on July 30th, 2014.

Official AKIRA Website: https://www.akira.rocks/
Official AKIRA Twitter: https://twitter.com/dis1akira