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Hii! 5 months 1 week ago #2291

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Hi! I'm Ardusades, not many of you know me (probably none of you do), but I'm a very energetic, happy-go-lucky, positive girl! I'll (hopefully) be back again this year for Sabo! If I am able to come, I'd love to see everybody's cosplays! Not sure who I'll be cosplaying as, but I know that this year will be even better than the last! This'll be my third year at Sabo; Sabo was my first con and I would love to come EVERY year! This con is just always hyped up with everyone's energy and AMAZING cosplays! It just keeps on improving every year thanks to the staff and volunteers! I hope we can all have another great year together! So happy it's gonna be four days this year! x3
Feel free to message me whenevs and I'm always open to whatever you guys need as well! Feel free to post your cosplay lineup for Sabo below! :D
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Hii! 5 months 1 day ago #2321

This is our first Sabo. I've never heard of it, but at the Phoenix comicon they had the brochures and I was happy to finally find the convention where they do the WCS selections in the states.
We've just moved to America and we're pretty spoiled in the way a comic convention should be and were highly disappointed in the Comicon organization and set up. You that have been to the sago a few times, please tell me it's better?
We used to go to both Romics and Lucca comics and Games.
Lucca comics and games is the oldest and biggest comic convention in Italy, over 40 years old. It is concentrated on gaming and medieval fighting, but the cosplay contest is done one on saturday and one on sunday since so many people come from all over the country. I know one of the guest is an Italian Cosplayers who started at Lucca comics and games ^^
Romics is the Comic convention in Rome. It is HUGE, not to mention the convention where they pick the WCS representative. So it's pretty big! And there are thousands of cosplayers!
One of the most disappointing things in the Comicon were the few selling stands and the fact that the exhibition hall closed so early! Who closes at 6!!! seriously!!! At Romics and Lucca Comics the stands were opened until the last event at 10!! Unless it was sunday and there was the WCS selections, then it stayed opened till midnight sometimes. So I was quite disappointed in that and also the fact that most places sold comics and all american stuff T_T In Italy that's not a big thing, for over 30 years we've been watching anime and reading manga of all kinds. There's like 150 titles of manga coming out each month and lets not talk about the anime! So it was kind of sad, but that's to be expected, it is a different country after all. ^^ So I hope the Sabo is better set up and stuff.
Could you tell me what to expect? What the schedule is most likely gonna be, what kind of selling stands will be there, how the events are done and how and when are the cosplay contest is done? Will the cosplayers be able to see the others on stage, because at the comicon we were in a little back room and we were one of the last groups up, so ... ... .. , we didn't see much.
Anyway, let us know what you know if ou can, thank you ^^
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Hii! 4 months 4 weeks ago #2364

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Welcome back to Sabo and hope you have fun this year.
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Hii! 4 months 3 weeks ago #2420

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Welcome to Sabo! It's a great anime convention that still in the earlier phases of development! It has grown over the years and I believe we will eventually outgrow hotels and need the convention center :evil:
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