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TOPIC: Homestuck cosplay tips

Homestuck cosplay tips 4 months 4 weeks ago #2415

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I am not cosplaying anyone from homestuck this year, but thought I'd add some tips from my experience when I did.

Body paint tips and issues:
Make sure you ONLY use paint branded as body paint
Use sealer! I cannot stress this enough. If you do not the paint will come off with sweat or any other liquids and you will be a runny mess getting yourself any anything you touch dirty.
Make sure you know what you are doing. This applies to everything, but especially body paint
Be curtious to other people! even if you use sealer make sure to try to to touch fabric if you don't need to.
You need to be committed. Body paint WILL be uncomfortablle, and the Arizona sun doesn't help. You need to know what you are getting into.
You CANNOT just wash the paint off in the restroom. I have, on many occasions, seen sinks with grey murky water stains in them. They do come out, but are a pain to clean.

Be careful with Eridan capes. They cannot be too long. People will step on them and trip themselves and you.
As for any cosplay, be as creative as you want, within reason. Before you sew or make any component think "Is this safe? Will is anger other con goers? Will it cause damage? Can people be hurt? Can I be hurt?"

I really shouldn't have to go over this, but Homestuck cosplayers have a bad reputaion, and with plenty of evidence to support it. I know a small portion acts out and most fans are great, but that small group causes enough trouble to draw negative attention. These tips apply to all cosplayers.
Be kind. Should go without saying
Be clean. Hygenically and behavior wise. Do not bring ANY paint to the con. There have been plenty of stories of people painting hotel and convention property. Intentionally or not. People have also been painted against their will.
Don't be crazy. No running or yelling. Once again, should go without saying, but plenty of valid complaints have been made.
BE CAREFUL WITH HORNS. PLEASE. I got my eye poked at Phoenix comicon. Don't file them to a point, and make sure they can easily be pushed aside. If you do poke someone, make sure their okay.

Feel free to add to this thread. This is NOT a Homestuck bashing thread. just tips on how the community and homestuck cosplayers can be safe and feel comfortable. :cheer:
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Homestuck cosplay tips 4 months 4 weeks ago #2418

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Another thing to add about the manners area, like op said, Homestuck has a bad rep. Please, PLEASE, do not get pissy if someone does not like Homestuck or anything. There has been a lot of terrible stories that make the Homestuck fandom so much less enjoyable(such as a Gamzee chasing the girl with a phobia of clowns around the con because she was scared of his cosplay. That ain't cool, yo.)
And about Spin the Faygo and other similar circles, I know it's your business but I have a lot of con friends who are so uncomfortable with the fact that these under aged cosplayers are macking on each other and cursing so loudly and harshly like this in a family-friendly environment.

It's totally okay to have fun but please be considerate of others in the con area and if you think at any moment that some action or word can be inappropriate for a four year old to see at con, please don't do it at all!
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